Need To Schedule An Appointment

If you are looking for information about mental health programs and services, or a specific appointment that might help you or a loved one, there are several resources and organizations available to help.

If your situation can be managed with support of friends, family, phone support or other resources until you get an appointment with a professional, you can reach out to a provider and schedule an appointment.  Many providers have a centralized intake number for all of their services where they can identify what you’re looking for and make an appointment.

The South Metro Round Table can provide information about connections to services in communities across the South Metro.

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You should be able to call a provider who will talk with you to determine what type of services will meet your needs and find you the earliest possible appointment. This may include asking you to come to the facility for a walk-in appointment. If you do walk in to a facility, you may have to wait for services, since others may have arrived before you, or are taking more time than was expected.

Some appointments may be in person, and some may be via phone or televideo. Be sure to state as clearly as you can what you are looking for, or if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, describe your situation. You may have to share your story more than once – while this is frustrating it can often help the providers better meet your needs and ensures that your story and input are being taken in to consideration.

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