Dakota County Housing and Support Services

Intake Instructions

Call 651-554-5751. Requests and inquiries are taken by phone to determine eligibility. Housing Crisis Line Screeners are available by phone M-F from 8:00am – 4:30pm (closed on holidays).

Intake Process

Caller will receive a brief phone screening for eligibility and type of service needed. Will be connected referred to appropriate and available resources, including assessment for Coordinated Entry.

Service Description

Emergency Shelter: Provides intake for Dakota County families with minor children and single adult women to enter the Dakota Woodlands Family Shelter in Eagan. Eviction Prevention Assistance: Provides eviction prevention assistance to Dakota County families to resolve a housing crisis. Coordinated Entry – Assess the health and social needs of homeless persons and match them with the most appropriate support and housing interventions available. Does not result in immediate access to housing or services.


Must be a Dakota County resident in need of emergency shelter; or needing assistance to prevent an eviction; or needing information on community housing resources and referrals

Additional Information

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To report incorrect referral information or tell us about your referral experience, please email roger@meyerconsulting.org.

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