Diane Ahrens Crisis Residence – People Incorporated

Intake Instructions

Call Diane Ahrens at 651-645-9424.

Intake Process

Crisis staff will complete a phone screening to determine a needs assessment, eligibility and insurance verification. If the referrer has verbal or written collateral information please share that with the crisis staff.  If the client meets the criteria of being an adult 18 years or older, and is in a mental health crisis they will be invited to the crisis residence for a face to face assessment.

Service Description

A crisis assessment and treatment plan are completed within 24 hours to establish immediate needs and stabilization goals that can be explored over the next 3-10 days. Staff work with each resident daily through groups and one to one interventions to actualize progress on their individual goals and create a mental health crisis prevention plan.


People Incorporated crisis residences are voluntary programs, so clients who need a locked unit due to a high level of risk of harm to self or others cannot be managed at this level of care. Medicare does not cover crisis stabilization services. Uninsured clients should be referred to mobile crisis units to assess an appropriate level of care and service coordination.

Additional Information

Personal space is limited, client should not bring more than two small carryon bags worth of belongings. Effective November 1, 2018, all People Incorporated programs will be tobacco free; there will be no tobacco use or possession of tobacco products allowed on the grounds for clients or staff.

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To report incorrect referral information or tell us about your referral experience, please email roger@meyerconsulting.org.

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