HealthEast Substance Use Assessment Services

Intake Instructions

To schedule a Chemical Dependency Assessment at any one of our five outpatient CD clinics (Burnsville, Crystal, Edina, Forest Lake or Minneapolis Riverside) call 612-672-2736 to speak to a scheduler.

At St. Joseph’s Hospital call 651-326-3645 to speak to a scheduler.

Intake Process


 Collateral contact information to verify the information you give.
 A Picture I. D., your insurance card, and a medication list.


 You meet with an assessor for approximately one hour to complete a MN DHS Rule 25 assessment.

Service Description

If you feel there is a possible need for chemical dependency treatment, all insurance companies and all counties in Minnesota require the completion of a Rule 25 Assessment to determine the existence and/or level of need for treatment.

A thorough, accurate assessment is the first step in addressing substance use issues. At Fairview and HealthEast, licensed alcohol/drug counselors offer comprehensive evaluations to determine a client’s current or potential risk for substance use problems. Clients may self-refer or be recommended by family members, therapists, probation officers or other professionals.

The assessment takes approximately one-and-a-half hours and includes taking a history of alcohol and drug use and reviewing the biological, psychological and social factors that may contribute to substance use problems. With the client’s written permission, our therapists will also collaborate with family, friends and other professionals that can provide helpful insight.

After the assessment is finalized, a comprehensive summary is created. If necessary, our therapist will recommend appropriate treatment options, both inside and outside the Fairview care system.


If client has straight MA (no PMAP) they must go through the county to apply for Rule 25 funding.

Additional Information

If treatment is recommended, you should then go to the designated treatment program to set up a starting date.

If a copy of your assessment needs to be sent to another location (a treatment program, probation, a doctor etc.) a Release of Information Form will need to be signed for each requested person and/or program.


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