Huss Center for Recovery Residential

Intake Instructions

Men’s Residential

Huss Center for Men

2120 Park Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404


Phone: 612-872-2050

Fax: 612-871-1379

Women’s Residential

Huss Center for Women

1593 Hewitt Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55104


Phone: 651-228-4010

Fax: 651-229-5401

Intake Process

Men’s Residential – Call 612-872-2050 to start intake process.

Women’s Residential – Call 651-228-4010 to start intake process.

Service Description

Huss Center for Recovery provides innovative treatment programming for adult men and women with co-occurring substance use and mental illness. The programs offer a full spectrum of services including gender-specific and trauma-informed residential care, mixed-gender and women’s intensive outpatient, continuing care planning and Rule 25 assessments.

Our person-centered treatment services provide an integrated, interdisciplinary approach that links psychological, biological, and social factors to assist people in the process of recovery.


If client has straight MA (no PMAP) they must go through the county to apply for Rule 25 funding.

Additional Information

Huss Center for Men – Housed in a beautifully restored historic mansion near downtown Minneapolis, Huss Center for Men is a 26 bed residential program that provides integrated mental health and substance use services to male-identifying clients in a gender-responsive and trauma-informed setting. The facility provides on-site medical and nursing care, and is located on the same site as Stark Mental Health Clinic. One single room is available, as well as double and triple rooms, beautifully landscaped grounds, an outdoor recreation area, and an onsite exercise room.

Huss Center for Women – A 10 bed residential program located in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul that provides integrated mental health and substance use services to female-identifying clients in a gender-responsive and trauma-informed setting. The facility provides on-site medical via Livio Medical Group, and clients have access to psychiatry and other prescribers experienced with treating co-occurring disorders.

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