Mental Health Helpline – Mental Health Minnesota

Intake Instructions

People seeking mental health services, treatment and support can contact the Helpline Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. They can call (800-862-1799), email, text “helpline” to 85511, or chat online at

Intake Process

Helpline staff will talk with the individual to help determine what resources, referrals or information would be helpful. People reach Helpline staff immediately if contacting it during open hours, or receive contact back the following business day if after hours.

Service Description

Our Mental Health Helpline provides people with the information and referrals they need, helps them determine the next steps, and directly connect them to services in communities across the state of Minnesota. We also provide tools and resources that support mental health recovery and wellness.


No rule outs.  The service is statewide, and is free of charge. People contacting the Helpline may be looking for help for themselves or others.

Additional Information

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To report incorrect referral information or tell us about your referral experience, please email

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