Ramsey County Singles Housing and Support Services

Intake Instructions

Single Adults call Dorothy Day at 651-647- 2350.

Intake Process

Single adults who are 25 years or older and seeking immediate shelter can call the Dorothy Day Center at 651-647-2350. Single adults who are 25 years or older, currently experiencing homelessness and not staying in a shelter, will need to complete a housing assessment to determine long-term housing options. Contact a Dorothy Day housing assessor at 651-647-2350.

Service Description

You may need to leave a message. Staff will do a brief phone pre-screening to determine eligibility. You will be given additional resources and if eligible, scheduled for an assessment.


Must be Ramsey County resident age 25 or older.

Additional Information

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To report incorrect referral information or tell us about your referral experience, please email roger@meyerconsulting.org.

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