Restoring Place (Women’s Residential)

Intake Instructions

Restoring Place
700 8th Street East
St. Paul, MN 55106

Phone: 651-228-3930
Fax: 651-229-5398

Intake Process

Referrals need to be faxed to the Restoring Place from the referral source at 651-229-5398. If approved, the client will complete a phone screening with the treatment director. This program stay averages 60 days (funding dependent).

Service Description

Located in St. Paul, the Restoring Place is a 10-bed residential program for gender-identifying women experiencing mental health and chemical dependency concerns. The programming focuses on client wellness and weekly wellness activities that emphasize sober recreation. Individuals seeking admission need a recent Rule 25 assessment (within the last 30 days), funding approved for a residential stay, referrals from counties, hospitals, court system, probation, or insurance.


If client has straight MA (no PMAP) they must go through the county to apply for Rule 25 funding.

Additional Information

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