Emergency Department

The Emergency Department staff will assess the individual to resolve any medical issues and determine if the individual’s mental health issues will benefit from an inpatient hospitalization.

It is important that you share information with the Emergency Department staff about the individual’s behavior and actions that will help them assess the individual and make an accurate recommendation for the appropriate care for the person.

The Emergency Department does not usually provide any treatment or services during the stay.  If they determine that a hospital stay is necessary, the Emergency Department will hold the person until they are transferred to the the inpatient bed.  If the person does not require hospitalization, they will refer them to community based providers.

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The Emergency Room has one crucial function – they will address any medical concerns and determine if you will benefit from inpatient hospitalization (if your condition will improve through a stay in the hospital’s Mental Health unit).

The Emergency Room does not have immediate access to mental health services, addiction services or treatment. They will make sure you don’t have any medical conditions that need addressing, assess your mental health and/or substance use issues and determine if you require a hospital level of care.

If you do not need a hospital level of care, they will provide you with resources and providers that you can follow up with. In some situations they may be able to schedule your follow up appointment, but often you will receive materials for you to follow up on your own.

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