Urgent Access to Psychiatry

Washington County Crisis Response Unit

Washington County Crisis Response Unit is here to assist individuals and families experiencing a crisis. The team is designed to serve as a valuable resource to law enforcement, hospitals, schools, and other community agencies.​

Washington County Crisis Response Unit provides 24/7/365 mobile crisis mental health services for adults and children experiencing a crisis. Mobile crisis interventions are face-to-face, short-term, intensive mental health services.

Medica Member PrePurchased Medication and Suboxone Appointments

Call 1-800-848-8327 between 8 am and 5 pm M – F with Crisis Assessment information and let the person who answers know you are calling about a pre-purchased appointment and need to speak to a care advocate.

Dakota County Urgent Psychiatry Services

Call Dakota County Crisis Stabilization Unit at 952-891-7171 24/7 to schedule an appointment at a community provider. Let them know you’ve assessed the individual and are looking for a psychiatry appointment.

Ramsey County Urgent Psychiatry Services

Crisis psychiatry at Ramsey County is a short term service for Ramsey County Residents who are in crisis and do not have a provider or their appointment with their new provider is far out and they need services to bridge them to that appointment.

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